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Reconnecting to the womb from withEN

Welcome to Yoniverse Store of Wombman's Entuition LLC. W.E. pride ourselves in providing quality organic handmade holistic products to promote optimum womb health.

Who is Wombman's Entuition?

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Meet the Womb Fairies

Meet Womb Fairy Nae

S.H.E.O/Owner and Certified Pelvic Steaming Practitioner, Intuitive Womb Healer and Pelvic Steam Facilitator Instructor.

Nae is a certified "Steamy Chick" through the Persisteam Hydrotherapy Institute located in California, under the teachings of Keli Garza. She developed a passion for womb healing while taking her own womb healing journey in 2017. Through healing herself of imbalances in the menstrual cycle, Wombman's Entuition was born! Nae has served over 2,000 women and counting and even 3 men. She is dedicated to helping you reconnect to the body from withEN!

Looking to start your own Pelvic Steaming business or add this practice to your holistic services? Take our online digital training course and join the world of womb practitioners helping to reconnect to the body from withEN!

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Meet Womb Fairy Diamond

Certified Pelvic Steam Facilitator, Holistic Wellness Coach and S.H.E.o of Earth's Eleven Herbal Supplements.

Diamond is a holistic wellness coach who developed an herbal supplement line after healing her own body of IBS. Her passion for healing the body and building immunity led her to create Earth's Eleven. Diamond has worked with Nae to also heal imbalances that she had within her menstrual cycle, which then led her to add womb healing to her line of holistic services as a certified pelvic steam facilitator. Diamond is the first to be certified under the teachings of Wombman's Entuition LLC.

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